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Consulting, Public Speaking Engagement, & Teaching

Consulting Services

Kari Sharp, MS, RD has used her nutrition expertise, creativity, and graphic design skills to provide nutrition consulting services to many companies. She designed the nutrition component of an app specifically geared towards kids diagnosed with ADHD, created an RD Exam prep course, and is currently working on a creative nutrition-based website.

Public Speaking Engagements

Kari Sharp, MS, RD has a way with words. She keeps the audience engaged and entertained. She taught a pediatric case study to a college class, spoke on sports nutrition to a cross country team of around 100 kids with their families, and spoke to a group of parents with the focus on nutrition for kids with ADHD.



Kari Sharp, MS, RD makes nutrition fun! She has taught lessons in the classroom of neurotypical elementary schools, to middle and high school classrooms of neurodiverse children, and hosted private classes in homes and on Zoom.

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