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Check out some of our favorite resources for leading a nourished and inspiring life.

Food and Recipe Recommendations

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Nutrition Prescription

This Meal Prep app offers a solution to your dietary needs. You get a personalized menu of delicious recipes customized to your likes, dislikes, and dietary needs.

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Delicious Recipes

Check out all the delicious plant-based recipes. We found that they are easy to make and delicious! There are plenty of kid friendly recipes too.

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Kind Snacks

These are some of our favorite snacks that help keep you feeling satisfied. Good for on-the-go and active lifestyles.

Supplement Recommendations


Protein, Shakes, and more 

20% off first order

This protein supplement and nutritional shakes have helped many individuals maintain a healthy balance and to help feel satiated. Try it for yourself!


Protein, Shakes, and more 

High protein, low-sugar, and plant-based!

Delicious and packed with nutrition. Protein shakes help you feel satiated. Try it for yourself!

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Order Supplements

You get 15% off!

Through Fullscript, you can order your favorite supplements or we can create a supplement plan just for you! Just log in and check it out!

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Premium CBD Products

Stress, anxiety, and depression can affect the gut. See if Joy Organics CBD products help you!

Other Helpful Recommendations


BEST Nutrient Tracker

Tracks macro and tons of micronutrients. Need to know if you are eating enough or too much iron, calcium, potassium, sodium, sugar, vitamin B-12 and so MANY more?

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