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Nutrition for Kids with ADHD 6-Week Program

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A balanced diet along with a focus on important nutrients can provide an effective complementary approach to alleviating some symptoms of ADHD. I recommended that you take this program together with your child. Empowering your child to help make their own food choices will lead to more success. They get to pick new foods to try and this tends to make children more willing participants. The goal is to educate your child and give them a reason to want to make their own dietary changes. And I make it fun! This method has helped many children increase their focus and maintain a more balanced energy level. The course offers 6-weeks of lessons that you if implement little by little become sustainable lifestyle changes. You will learn: 1. How to teach your child to eat the colors of a rainbow 2. How to balance the plate 3. How much of each type of food to eat 4. What to look out for with sugar in the diet 5. How each food group has its own unique qualities 6. Nutrients that consistently test low in kids with ADHD After each lesson, you will set a SMART goal to help make lifestyle changes.

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Nutrition for Kids with ADHD

Nutrition for Kids with ADHD

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