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Food Intolerance Testing

Tired of having stmach aches or feeling bloated? 

This Mediator Release Test (MRT) assesses which foods and chemicals produce histamine in your body. Histamine is involved in local immune responses and is released during an allergic reaction or an intolerance to foods. With this knowledge, you will receive a diet plan to help calm your gut, then reintroduce foods to see how your gut reacts. Based on your current intolerances, this plan will help whip your gut into shape!

With this testing, you get:

Comprehensive Report

A comprehensive report identifying baseline food intolerances

Meal Planning Recommendations

List of foods that you can eat for 2-3 weeks to help calm the gut


After the 2-3 weeks, you start reintroducing foods little at a time to see where your intolerances are more consistent

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